The sun helps grow it, let the sun help mow it!

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EcoCuts Lawn Care is an emission free, quiet lawn and yard care company serving Victoria's Westshore area.

Most of us enjoy getting out and working in the yard, cutting the grass and making our property beautiful but let’s be honest, life these days is just way too busy.

Remove the stress of having to get out and cut the lawn before the neighbors complain.  Call EcoCuts and come home to a beautiful manicured yard done quietly and emissions free. Use the weekend to enjoy your yard and unwind like weekends & evenings are supposed to be for.

EcoCuts uses rechargeable lawn mowers, trimmers and leaf blowers that is charged by solar panels mounted on our vehicle. Other corded electric equipment is also powered by renewable solar energy stored in batteries. This allows us to offer lawn service that is free of all the harmful, smelly emissions associated with gas powered equipment.

Another great benefit of our equipment is no more noisy days listening to leaf blowers instead of the birds chirping. EcoCuts equipment is 50-75% quieter than those noisy gas powered mowers, blowers and trimmers.

The future of lawn care has arrived in the Western Communities. Making a difference to the environment, one lawn at a time...